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specifications :
Model STXR-6040C
Channel size 605 * 405 mm (width * height)
Conveyor speed 0.22m / s (adjustable)
Conveyor Max Load 120kg
Steel penetration 38mm
Line resolution > 38 AWG
Spatial resolution Horizontal/vertical Φ 1.0mm
X-ray Generator
Tube voltage Two x-ray generators operating at 140 KV (adjustable)
Tube current 0.6 ~ 2.1mA (adjustable)
Cooling Sealed oil cooling / 100%
Duty cycle 100%, no preheating
Beam divergence angle Diagonally 80 °
Protection function Over voltage, over current, over temperature protection
X-ray sensor L-shaped photodiode array detector (single energy), 12bit depth
Radiation Saftey Indicators
X-ray Leakage <0.5 | Gy/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)
Single dose: <5.0µGy
Film Safety Safety on the ISO1600
Lead curtain The main body is protected by a 2 ~ 4mm lead plate to ensure that the peripheral
radiation of the equipment meets the national safety standards
Image & Video
Display High-resolution 19-inch LCD Monitor
Color Image Display 24-bit true color display
Edge enhancement The outline of objects more a clear edge
Super image enhancement clearer image details
High penetration display Improve the image contrast in bright areas, so as to penetrate the area more clearly
Installation Data
Noise level <58 dB(A)
Weight 400 Kg (including the wooden box)
Power Requirements AC220V±10%, 60Hz±5Hz
Power consumption 0.4 KW (MAX)
Humidity 20%-95%, non-condensing
Specification size 2200 mm(L) * 980mm(W)*1300mm(H)
Packing size 2300 mm(L) * 1060mm(W)*1470mm(H)
Type: Single-screen console
Weight: 100 Kg (including the wooden box)
Specification size: 620 mm(L) * 750mm(W)*1260mm(H)
Wooden box size: 700 mm(L) * 830mm(W)*1400mm(H