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General Specifications :
Model STXR-100100C
Channel size 1005 * 1005 mm (width * height)
Conveyor speed 0.22m / s (adjustable)
Conveyor Max Load 250kg
Steel penetration 38mm
Line resolution > 38 AWG
Spatial resolution Horizontal/vertical Φ 1.0mm
X-ray Generator
Tube voltage Two x-ray generators operating at 140 ~ 160 KV (adjustable)
Tube current 0.6 ~ 1.2mA (adjustable)
cooling Sealed oil cooling / 100%
Duty cycle 100%, no preheating
Beam divergence angle Diagonally 80 °
Protection function Over voltage, over current, over temperature protection
X-ray sensor L-shaped photodiode array detector (single energy), 12bit depth
 Radiation Saftey Indictors
X-ray Leakage <0.5 | Gy/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)
Single dose: <5.0µGy
Film Safety Safety on the ISO1600
lead curtain The main body is protected by a 2 ~ 6mm lead plate to ensure that the peripheral radiation of the equipment meets the national safety standards
Image & Vedio
Display High-resolution 19-inch LCD Monitor
Color Image Display 24-bit true color display
Edge enhancement The outline of objects more clear edge
Super image enhancement Clearer image details
High penetration display Improve the image contrast in bright areas, so as to penetrate the area more clearly
Installation Data  
Noise level <58 dB(A)
Weight 1100 Kg (including wooden box)
Power Requirements AC220V±10%, 60Hz±5Hz
Power consumption 0.8 KW (MAX)
Humidity 20%-95%, non-condensing
Specification size 3650 mm(L) * 1310mm(W)*1950mm(H)
Packing size : 2600 mm(L) * 1400mm(W)*2120mm(H)
Type: Single screen console
Weight: 100 Kg (including wooden box)
Specification size: 620 mm(L) * 750mm(W)*1260mm(H)
Wooden box size: 700 mm(L) * 830mm(W)*1400mm(H)